Milla Jovovich ‘Monster Hunter’, released on February 10th [Official]

[Reporter Han Hyun-jung, Daily Economy Star Today]

The movie ‘Monster Hunter’ (director Paul Anderson) will be released in Korea on February 10th.

‘Monster Hunter’ is a spectacle survival action depicting the struggle of Captain Artemis (Milla Jovovich), the best soldier on the ground, dispatched to search for the disappeared troops to survive from powerful giant monsters that threaten their lives.

The teaser trailer, which was released on the 19th, begins with an interesting scene where the UN Joint Security Operations Unit and Captain Artemis, dispatched to search for the disappeared troops, are swept away by an anomaly and fall into the world of monsters.

The place where they arrived is beyond the perception of senses, a new world where giant monsters exist. Capt. Artemis, who became the only survivor after a sudden attack from giant monsters who were raging without knowing the situation, decides to fight against the giant monsters to survive in the monster world and return to the original world.

The overwhelming size and power of ‘Diablos’, which soars from the ground and frighteningly attack Captain Artemis, and Rioreus, who breathes intimidating flames, make you feel the thrill of a new monster world with just a short appearance. It makes you curious about whether to unfold or what monsters will appear and surprise you.

It will be released in various formats such as IMAX, 4DX, Dolby Vision, and SUPER 4D on February 10th.

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