Nancy Lang: “Marriage with Wang Jin-jin, systematic fraud…only 980 million in debt”

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

Pop artist Nancy Lang revealed the whole story of a fraudulent marriage with Wang Jin-jin (Jeon Joon-ju).

On the 18th, on the YouTube entertainment program ‘Hong Seok-cheon’s Lucky Day’, Nancy Lang appeared and shared the situation at the time of marriage, the divorce process, and the situation after the divorce. Nancy Lang delivered news of a surprise marriage report with Wang Jin-jin in December 2017, but decided to divorce in October the following year. She divorced Wang Jin-jin in September last year after a three-year lawsuit.

Nancy Lang confessed, “I was deceived by the words to marry me in Macau after registering my marriage first. The marriage registration took less than 10 minutes. I didn’t feel married. I lived together for 10 months and ended up in a divorce suit.”

Nancy Lang also confessed why she did not listen to advice from people around her. Nancy Lang said, “All eight people, including the chairman of the construction company, the professor, and the gallery representative, were deceived. We were running a business together, so I didn’t think we were being deceived. It wasn’t because of one ex-husband. There were three more teams. It was an organized fraud.” “They were all lying. They were the ones who had done all the research on me. As a result, people like the professor and the president had no choice but to be deceived.”

Nancy Lang, who had been threatened with domestic violence and revenge pornography from her ex-husband, recalled, “I started receiving revenge porn threats two weeks after the release of the revenge porn article by the late Goo Hara.”

“When I was beaten by my husband, after the first assault, my husband knelt down and begged. But a month later, he threatened with a weapon. So I ran out of the house. After that, I was threatened with revenge pornography and made extreme choices,” said Nancy Lang.

Nancy Lang, who is paying off her ex-husband’s debt, said Wang Jin-jin had a debt of 980 million won. At the time of marriage, the ex-husband received loans from Nancy Lang’s Hannam-dong house as collateral to the first finance, second finance, and private loans, and invested the money in her own business. After the divorce, Nancy Lang was regrettable when she revealed that her ex-husband was paying 6 million won a month on loans and debts to protect the Hannam-dong house.

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