Uhm Hyun-kyung, Mithra gave Epik High new album certification… “It seems like it was when you got married”

[Intern reporter Kim Yeji on Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Uhm Hyun-kyung certified the 10th full-length album she received from the group Epik High Mithra.

On the 19th, Um Hyun-kyung posted a photo on his Instagram along with the article, “Epik High’s new album. The 10th Epik High. I love all the songs.”

In the released photo, the first album of Epik High’s 10th album ‘Epik High Is Here’ presented by Mithra, ‘Epik High Is Here’, was included. It is a hot album released by Epik High a day ago.

On the album cover, along with the members’ autographs, the comment Mithra wrote to his wife Kwon Da-hyun and her best friend Uhm Hyun-kyung. Mithra ‘to. Hyun-kyung. It seems it’s time to get married now. Quickly meet a good person and turn the wedding invitation,” he jokingly pressed the prefecture.

Netizens responded with “I envy Epik High’s autographed album”, “Let’s meet a good person soon”, and “I’ll shoot my bad guys again today.”

On the other hand, Um Hyeon-kyung is playing the role of Han Yoo-jeong, who plays the most role in the family after giving up many things because of her twin sister Yu-ra in KBS2’s daily drama ‘A Man in a Veil’.


Photo| Hyunkyung Eom SNS

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