‘Weekly Idol’ ONEUS reveals abs

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Boy group ONEUS will show an irrefutable interesting broadcast from revealing abs to the stage of collaboration.

On the 20th, MBC M, MBC Every1’s entertainment program ‘Weekly Idol’, aired at 5 pm on the 20th, will reveal a variety of appearances from abs to the collaboration stage.

Before entering this corner, ONEUS showed off various charms from the opening, raising the studio atmosphere to the fullest. First, ONEUS’s main dancer, Hwanwoong, called MC Eunhyuk as a ‘K-POP legend’ and surprisingly suggested that he would like to wear Super Junior’s ‘Black Suit’ together.

MC Eunhyuk willingly respond to this, and is expected to present a perfect collaboration stage. However, as soon as Eunhyuk finished the stage, he promised, “I will definitely check it on the air,” raising doubts. The details of the declaration of a real shooter will be revealed on the main broadcast.

Meanwhile, Seo-ho voluntarily revealed his abs and appealed for a new charm. He said, “I can see my abs because I wore a cropped outfit this time,” and implicitly appealed to the body confidence. When the members and the MC repeated “Show me!” scaring the end of the word, Seo-ho confidently revealed his abs as if he had waited, and admired the audience. In particular, MC Eunhyuk said, “This is the first time I have seen this shape of abs.” It is said that he could not hide his surprise.

ONEUS’s unreproachable weekly idol, which has a charm potent from the opening, will be released on ‘Weekly Idol’ and Netflix, which airs at 5 pm on the 20th.


Photo courtesy| MBC Every One
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