‘Child’ starring Kim Hyang-ki x Ryu Hyun-kyung, released on February 10th [Official]

[Reporter Han Hyun-jung, Daily Economy Star Today]

The movie ‘Child’ visits the theater district in February.

‘Child’ is a movie about the comfort and healing that begins when the child ‘Ah-young (Kim Hyang-ki)’, a child who has become an early adult, becomes a babysitter of ‘Young-chae (Ryu Hyun-kyung)’, a beginner mother who raises a child alone without a place to rely on.

The poster of ‘Child’, which was released with the news of the release on the 20th, contains the beautiful smiles of the two protagonists ‘Ah-young’ and ‘Young-chae’ shining brightly in the sun, and the warm sensibility of the movie as they gaze at the world with their eyes full of curiosity. Conveys intact.

‘Ah-young’, who chose a baby sitter as an end-of-care child and a babysitter as a means of living, and ‘Young-chae’, a beginner mother who raises a child alone without a place to rely on, meet, adding to the curiosity about the clumsy but warm story to be drawn with the child.

Here, the copy of “The world we stood alone, meeting each other” raises expectations for the movie ‘Child’, which will deliver the message of warm comfort and healing that opens the new year of 2021 to the audience.

The film ‘Child’, which will once again show off the keen and warm sensibility of ‘Elegant Lies’ and ‘Witnesses’ to the world during the Lunar New Year holidays in 2021, is accompanied by representative Korean actors who are already shining their presence on screens and CRTs with their solid acting skills.

Kim Hyang-ki plays the role of ‘Ah-Young’, a child who has passed the protection of the senior year of the Department of Children’s Department, who has become an adult early, and predicts acting as an irreplaceable character. Ryu Hyun-kyung is going to deliver a passionate performance, excitement and fun in the role of ‘Young-chae’, a beginner mother raising a child alone without a place to rely on.

Actress Yeom Hye-ran, who is running the best stock price through the recent drama ‘The Uncanny Counter’, is going to play the role of ‘Mi-ja’, who provides warmth of support and comfort to those who endure the world alone, as well as supporting who cares for ‘Young-chae’ like a daughter and like a younger sister. Released on February 10th.


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