‘Heo Ji-woong Show’ Jung In-seon “26 years of debut this year”

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

In the 26th year since her debut, Jung In-seon said what made her to be an actress.

Actress Jung In-seon appeared in the invitational corner of SBS Love FM’s ‘Heo Ji-woong Show’, which aired on the 20th, ‘Live in this taste!’.

On this day, DJ Heo Ji-woong mentioned Jung In-seon’s appearances, such as KBS drama ‘You’ and SBS drama ‘Soonpoong Obstetrics and Gynecology’. He asked, “I heard you were from a child actor. How many years have you made your debut this year?”

Jung In-seon said, “This is the 26th year since my debut. I learned that I was debuted with So Ji-seop while filming ‘Therius’.”

Jung In-seon said, “I started acting at the age of six. There was an advertisement for an acting academy in the newspaper that my brother received from the academy. When my brother registered for the academy, I started acting in groups saying, ‘I will do it too.’ “I started acting.”

She has been fond of fairy tales since she was a child, and at some point, she showed affection for karma, saying that acting was regarded as the closest best friend.

Meanwhile, Jung In-seon is active in the SBS entertainment program ‘Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant’. She is scheduled to appear as a webtoon writer Seo Ji-won in the Kakao TV drama ‘Still Not Thirty’, which airs this year.


Photo|SBS Visible Radio

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