Jo Soo-yong, CEO of Kakao and Singer Park Ji-yoon, became parents after two years of marriage

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Jo Soo-yong (48), Kakao Co-CEO and singer Park Ji-yoon (40), became parents after two years of marriage.

Park Ji-yoon gave birth to a child after two years of marriage. On the 20th, an official in the industry pointed out in Maeil Business Daily Star Today, “Two people have recently given birth and are happily raising a child.”

In relation to the birth of Park Ji-yoon, Kakao CEO Jo Soo-yong told Maeil Business Daily Star Today that it is difficult to confirm that it is a personal death. However, the two have been preparing for a new family by quietly prenatal so that only some close friends know that they are pregnant.

Park Ji-yoon made a hot topic by having a top secret wedding with CEO Jo Soo-yong at the end of March 2019. The two are known to have established a relationship when they performed the podcast ‘Bcast’ of the monthly ‘Magazine B’ published by Jo, and after two years of dating, they became a couple.

CEO Jo Soo-yong is a design and marketing expert who is well-known for designing the portal site Naver’s search box as a green window. In 2010, he founded JOH, a brand design consulting company, and launched ‘Magazine B’, the first brand documentary magazine in Korea.

In addition to this, he worked with his elegant brothers to launch the ethnic magazine of delivery, ‘Magazine F’. He served as a co-representative with CEO Yeo Min-soo from March 2018 after serving as the vice president of brand design and co-brand center center at Kakao.

Park Ji-yoon began her entertainment career as an advertising model for Haitai Confectionery the following year, starting with a teen magazine model in 1993. He worked as a child on SBS ‘Dinosaur Teacher’ in 1994, and debuted as a singer in 1997 with ‘Sky Blue Dream’. Since then, he has enjoyed great popularity as an idol star by releasing ‘Adult Ceremony’, ‘Steel Away’, and ‘Go Away’.

Even after marrying CEO Jo Soo-yong, she held solo concerts and continued her music activities through external works such as OST.

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