Keyeast caps 40 billion in production announcements

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Contents production company Keyeast released the first drama lineup in 2021, and the stock price soared.

Keyeast is trading at 17,800 won, up 29.93% (4,100 won) compared to the previous day as of 2:10 pm on the 20th and is recording the upper limit.

On this day, Keyeast first released a total of 4 dramas as the first lineup. In 2021, Keyeast’s representative tentpole drama will cost more than 40 billion won for the masterpiece drama ‘Ask the Stars’, and it plans to show ‘Amazing View’, ‘Only One Person’, and ‘Illumination’.

Keyeast CEO Park Seong-hye said, “The four works of the first line-up that we unveiled are currently undergoing the last negotiations open to all business possibilities with global OTT as well as domestic platforms. From 2020, Keyeast’s drama business has entered a full-fledged trajectory.”


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