Kwak Jeong-eun, after a one-year relationship break… “Being quiet is more beneficial to your health”

[Intern reporter Kim Yeji on Daily Economy Star Today]

Writer and broadcaster Kwak Jeong-eun revealed the changes that occurred during the romance break.

On the 19th, Kwak Jeong-eun’s YouTube channel, ‘Kwak Jeong-eun’s Private Life’, posted A video titled ‘The first heart-hearted confession! The change that happened to me after a year off in love’ was uploaded. On this day, Kwak Jeong-eun said, “It’s been a year since I was off in love. After taking a break, I wanted to talk about why I’m not dating, so I took this clip.”

“Looking back, the guys I met don’t seem to hate charming girls. I have achieved a lot in my job, and I have climbed up to the position where I want to go up in the company. And I have tried various activities by making my name known. When he said he met Kwak Jeong-eun, he wouldn’t have heard bad stories,” she said calmly.

Kwak Jeong-eun said, “Men do not hate successful women, but when they became their own women, they seemed to be overwhelmed with a woman who was better than they were. That was what I felt. So it seems that troubles and stress occurred.” She revealed the reason why the relationship did not last.

She said, “Today I came home (after recording) and thought that it was very vain, but it was too calm. I have 45 minutes to come home alone and face me comfortably without telling anyone anything. I think thank you for that.”

“I want to tell a lot of solos like this. After taking a break from dating for a year, the freedom and liberation that can be enjoyed only when the relationship breaks, and the tranquility within is a bit lonely, but when I meet someone and focus on that person, Rather, I think it may be difficult to obtain. I hope that I don’t say that I’m too alone, as if I’m in a state of lack or that my love cells are dead.”

Kwak Jeong-eun said, “Finally, this is a digression, but many articles don’t say that regular sex makes us healthy. If I live without (relationship), I’ll want to be healthy, but in my experience, staying calm is more for health. It seems to be helpful. I think I was the healthiest in obstetrics and gynecology because there is nothing to worry about.”

Netizens responded, “I sincerely sympathize with it. I’m overwhelmingly happy with my time alone”, “I’m 40 this year, but it’s similar to what I felt”, and “I have a very healthy self.”

On the other hand, Kwak Jeong-eun is appearing in KBS Joy’s entertainment show ‘Tampering in Love 3′.

Photo| YouTube channel’Kwak Jeong-eun’s private life’

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