‘Oh Sang-jin’s wife’ Kim So-young “It’s not because I don’t like exercise, I have a reason.”

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

Broadcaster Kim So-young revealed the reason for not exercising.

On the 19th, a video titled ‘Exercise…Do you like it?’ was posted on the YouTube channel run by Kim So-young.

On this day, a viewer asked Kim So-young for a distress consultation asking, “I’m getting too much lately. How to put a stomach in”.

Kim So-young said, “I really want to know how to put the belly in. The belly doesn’t go in after childbirth. I was thinking, and Oh Sang-jin told me to run for an hour.”

Viewers suggested swimming, yoga, and taekwondo to Kim So-young, who hates exercise other than walking. However, Kim So-young expressed discomfort with reasons such as “When I swim, my runny nose comes out too much”, “I have slept while doing yoga”, and “It is said that people seem to dance when I do Taekwondo”. She didn’t laugh when he said to the viewers who suggested bowling, “Oh Sang-jin got bored while playing bowling. I have bad memories.”

Kim So-young, who rejected the viewers’ sports proposal for various reasons, said, “I’m not a sports fanatic. I’m not a hobby, but starting exercise is my hobby. It’s not because I hate exercise.”

On the other hand, Kim So-young married Oh Sang-jin of MBC announcer in 2017 and held her daughter in September 2019. She is actively working on her personal YouTube channel, such as running the ‘Nugonae (who made worries)’ corner to listen to fans’ concerns.


Photo|Capture of Kim So-young’s YouTube channel

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