Taeyeon left a comment on Seolhyun’s Instagram

[Intern reporter Kim Yeji on Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Taeyeon’s comment is drawing attention while Seolhyun, a former group AOA, resumed social media activities.

Seolhyun posted a photo on her instagram on the 20th, saying, “Hello. I’m Kim Seolhyun, who played Gong Hye-won in the drama ‘Awaken.” ‘Awaken’ is a work that has a different meaning to me in many ways.” She revealed her feelings about the end of tvN’s Monday and Tuesday drama ‘Awaken’ which ended the day before.

Another post posted on the same day contained various appearances of Seolhyun who appear to be shooting ‘Awaken’.

On this post, SNSD’s Taeyeon left a comment saying “nice to see you ♥”. Currently, this comment has received more than a thousand likes, but netizens are showing opposite reactions in the big comments.

Many netizens commented favorably with “Queen”, “Thank you for supporting  Seolhyun”, “I love you”, and “I support your friendship”. On the other hand, some responded negatively, saying, “I’m seriously worried, so please delete comments”, “I don’t want you to socialize.”

This is related to the fact that Kwon Min-ah, a former group member of AOA, revealed in July of last year that she had been severely harassed by Jimin, who was the group leader, during her AOA activities. At the time, Kwon Min-ah claimed that the AOA members had also overlooked Jimin’s harassment. In the end, Jimin apologized and left AOA, but an arrow of criticism poured out to Seolhyun, who is known as the best member of Jimin. Seolhyun’s social media activities also stopped at this point.

That Seolhyun broke the 7-month gap and appeared on social media, and the opinions of netizens were divided about Taeyeon’s publicly expressing welcome. On the other hand, there was no sharp comment on the comment of actor Lee Cheong-ah, who appeared in ‘Awaken’ together, saying, “I’m so pretty, smile wide. Our Seolhyun is also cong-do”.

Currently, Taeyeon is not removing comments or showing a different reaction.


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