[Exclusive] Prosecutor Jo Deok-Je, ‘Second Harassment of Sexual Harassment Actress’

Actor Jo Duk-je. Photo l Star Today DB

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Jo Deok-je (real name Jo Deuk-je, 53) was sentenced to imprisonment and appealed at the first trial for defaming the sexually molested actress, and the prosecution also appealed.

According to a report on Maeil Business Daily Star Today on the 21st, the legal representative of Jo Deok-je filed an appeal letter to the Uijeongbu District Court on the 18th, and the prosecution also appealed on the 20th and was judged by a two-sided appeal.

Jo Deok-je, at the judgment of the Uijeongbu District Law Criminal 2 exclusive (Judge Park Chang-woo) presided over the violation of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc. He was sentenced to one year and February in prison for the allegations and was imprisoned. His wife, Jeong, who was prosecuted with the same charges of Jo, was sentenced to two years probation in June.

During the filming of the movie ‘Analog Human’ in April 2015, Jo Duk-je was handed over to trial on charges of contacting body parts, such as tearing underwear and putting his hand in actress Ban Min-jung’s pants without consent. In 2018, the Supreme Court sentenced Jo Deok-je to one year in prison, two years probation, and completing a 40-hour sexual violence treatment program.

Even after the conviction, Jo Deok-je was handed over to the trial for continuing slander and spreading false information on social media with his wife, Jeong, and was convicted at the first trial.


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