Highlight Lee Gi-gwang, confessing anxiety after being discharged “A feeling of being chased” (‘My Fantasy House’)

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Group highlight members Lee Gi-gwang and Son Dong-woon received special gifts for ‘My Fantasy House’.

Lee Gi-gwang and Son Dong-woon requested a ‘Fanta House’ that can prepare for the second half of the highlight by appearing as guests of the SBS entertainment program ‘My Fantasy House’, which aired on the 20th.

In accordance with the concept of the architectural office, Lee Gi-gwang introduced himself as a residence, such as Seongsu-dong apartment charter in Seoul, and Son Dong-woon as a villa in Yeoksam-dong, Seoul. After completing their military duty, preparing for new activities, the two came to ‘My Fantasy House’, and they took charge of the tension with sensible reactions throughout the broadcast, as the first companion entertainment sortie after the campaign.

The first filming of ‘My Fantasy House’ was held the day after Son Dong-woon’s military campaign. As Lee Gi-gwang and Son Dong-woon reunited after 7 months, they expressed their enthusiasm by saying, “Let’s raise the tone,” after sharing a happy greeting with “loyalty”.

During the full-fledged ‘fantastic house’ request time, Lee Gi-gwang said, “After the war, I think I should show a different image from before the enlistment, and there was also vague anxiety about the future. Should I say that it is a feeling of being chased. I think I need a stable place.” Son Dong-woon said, “After two years in a group, the time to come up with creative inspiration seems to have decreased.” ‘My Fantasy House’, containing the two’s wishes, was a three-story house that was close to Seoul and was like a hideout with an open yard, a window, and a pond.

Lee Gi-gwang and Son Dong-woon, who faced the ‘fantastic house’ they had dreamed of in the city, admired, “I want to have it too much. The interior sense is amazing. The house itself is warm.” The harmony with nature that reminds me of the inspiration requested by Son Dong-woon and the ‘View Restaurant’ requested by Lee Gi-gwang were satisfied. Accordingly, the owner of the ‘Fantasy House’ was assumed to be an art worker.

In particular, a space like a hideout optimized for home training was also revealed and attracted attention. Lee Gi-gwang and Son Dong-woon played an instant table tennis matchup during the time to check the sense of residence and used 200% of ‘Fantasy House’. More memories and the identity of the landlords Lee Gi-gwang and Son Dong-woon will make in ‘Fantasy House’ are scheduled to be released following the broadcast next week.

Meanwhile, Lee Gi-gwang and Son Dong-woon are communicating with fans through various broadcasting activities and their own content after the expiration last year. Lee Gi-gwang is a fixed appearance in ‘Idol Wonderland’ jointly organized by JTBC and KT Seezn. In addition, as all the members have completed their military service as the last member of Son Dong-woon, the highlight is planning to come back with new music this year.


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