ONEWE hosts Online live on the 23rd and 24th…

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Boy band ONEWE will hold an on-tact live performance.

ONEWE (Yonghoon, Kanghyun, Harin, Dongmyeong, Kia) will hold an online concert through Naver V LIVE on the 23rd and 24th’STUDIO WE: LIVE #6 [ONEWE? or ONEWE!] and communicate with fans around the world.

The two posters, which were released through ONEWE’s official SNS on the 11th, each contain different themes, and will provide special memories to fans who have been waiting for ONEWE’s live performance.

The released white theme poster contains hints of the performance scheduled to be held on the 23rd. Characters of the original members of the band in mood-tone costumes are drawn in a white background with white snow, implying a warm and dreamy performance.

The black theme poster, which was also released together, contains hints for the performance scheduled to be held on the 24th. Contrary to the white theme poster, the characters of members wearing free black costumes are drawn in a black background containing graffiti artwork, which is strong and unique. The in-performance stage was announced.

The agency RBW official said, “We plan to release the original unreleased song for the first time through this Online Live Concert, and it is a gift prepared to reward fans who love the original music with an unchanging heart. I ask for a lot of support.”

ONEWE, who has fascinated fans through an evolved band performance in the rich sound that only the band can show at each performance, is already going to present their chameleon-like charm in two themes of white and black through this performance. I’m looking forward to it.

Meanwhile, ONEWE’s performance will be broadcast live around the world through Naver V LIVE ONEWE’s official channel at 8 pm on the 23rd and 24th.

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