Park Seulgi, Internet Broadcasting First Birthday in COVID-19 “Daughter Soye’s Birthday”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Broadcaster Park Seul-gi hosted the first birthday party of her daughter So-ye via online.

On the 21st, Park Seul-gi held a first birthday party for fans and daughter Soye through Instagram live. Park Seul-gi revealed her daughter So-ye in a beautiful white dress, saying, “Today is So-ye’s birthday”.

She also expressed his gratitude to acquaintances, saying, “Hong Hyun-hee and Kim Soo-chan congratulated So-ye’s birthday.” There was a cash cake on So-ye’s first birthday party, and Park Seul-gi said, “The groom prepared a cash cake for me. I was impressed today.” “I almost cried, but I didn’t cry.”

Also, during the broadcast that day, the highlight of the first birthday party, Doljabi, the big event of the first birthday party, was held. When So-ye picked up her passport, the Park Seul-gi couple cheered. Next, her husband said, “Actually, I wanted a gold bar,” and Park Seul-gi said, “I actually wanted cash,” and laughed.

Park Seul-gi recommended the second stone boy, saying, “Would you like to grab a judge’s stick once? I have a second choice. How about an Oscar?”

Photo| Seulgi Park SNS
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