Ryu Hyun-kyung “I wanted to become mature as I was filming ‘Child'”

Hyunkyung Ryu. Photo|Lotte Entertainment

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Child’ Ryu Hyun-kyung revealed the reason for the appearance.

On the morning of the 21st, an online production report for the movie ‘Child’ was held. Due to the COVID-19, it was broadcast live online, and director Kim Hyun-tak and actor Kim Hyang-ki Ryu Hyun-kyung participated.

When asked the reason for the appearance, Ryu Hyun-kyung said, “When I first received the screenplay, I thought that Young-chae had hate for society and hatred for herself. That’s why I was sorry.”

She said, “It was a scenario that contained the content of growing humanly by meeting with Ah-young and communicating with the child. I also felt like I wanted to mature while filming.”

‘Child’ is a work of warm comfort and healing that begins when Ah-young (Kim Hyang-ki), who has become an early adult, becomes a babysitter of Young-chae (Ryu Hyun-kyung), a beginner mother who raises a child alone without a place to depend on. Scheduled to be released on February 10th.


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