Seventeen’s own entertainment ‘Going Seventeen’ surpassed 100 million views

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Group Seventeen has marked the end of its own content ‘GOING SEVENTEEN 2020’.

‘Going Seventeen 2020’ is SEVENTEEN’s representative own content released every Monday at 10:10 on SEVENTEEN’s official SNS channel. ‘Going Seventeen 2020′, which ended the one-year long journey with the end of the 18th, was loved by the public by presenting a new paradigm for K-POP artists’ own content.

#. Proof with overwhelming numbers

‘Going Seventeen 2020’, which is a web entertainment character that lasts about 27 minutes per episode, has surpassed more than 1 million views each time, and has surpassed 100 million accumulated views (as of the afternoon of January 19). ‘EP.27 Tag #1’, released on May 10, boasted a tremendous ripple effect, recording 5.7 million views in that episode alone.

At that point, interest in ‘Going Seventeen 2020’ increased even more. As a result of Google trend search data analysis, ‘Going Seventeen 2020’ showed about five times more search volume than before, and it was confirmed that it has formed a solid mania and attracted the public’s attention, such as rising to the top 10 real-time search terms on portal sites.

The number of Seventeen YouTube subscribers is also rapidly gaining popularity, surpassing 6 million in 181 days after reaching 5 million. Shortly after the episode was released, ‘Going Seventeen 2020’ steadily ranked in the top of YouTube’s rapidly rising popularity video not only in Korea, but also in Japan and the Philippines.

#. The center of content, Seventeen

The reason why ‘Going Seventeen 2020’ is coming even more special comes from the appearance of Seventeen directly giving opinions and working enthusiastically. Through the items presented by Seventeen under the theme of ‘Monthly Seventeen’, the unaffected and honest aspects of youth in their twenties who are contrary to Seventeen on the stage, as well as their fantastic chemistry and novel ideas that have never been seen anywhere else, create synergy to many people. What brought joy and healing.

Beginning with the first episode of’EP.1 2020: MYSTERY MYSTERY’ in which member Dogyeom took the lead as a protagonist,’EP.5’s Past Life Relationship of Boo Seung-kwan’, which contains the nostalgia of national entertainment and SEVENTEEN’s unique entertainment by parodying the entertainment of memories, is like a cute cute A variety of episodes released for one year, such as Jung-han’s idea ‘EP.21 Quadrider’, which seems to have transformed into a game character, and Vernon’s ‘EP.29 Christmas in August,’ wearing a Santa suit in the middle of summer It led the content to add authenticity and maximize pleasant energy.

Above all, ‘Going Seventeen 2020’ is attracting attention from the global K-POP fandom because you can feel the distinct personality and charm of the 13 members, and it is differentiated by Seventeen’s firm identity in the merit of providing comfortable content to watch anytime, anywhere. Hugs.

In this regard, ‘Going Seventeen 2020’ has formed a fandom of ‘Going Seventeen’, which is different from Seventeen’s fandom carat, and is advancing a new path for its own content, so attention is also focused on new content that will return on March 3 after the reorganization. In addition, attention is paid to Seventeen’s active communication through various contents as well as music.

On the other hand, SEVENTEEN will hold an online concert ‘2021 SEVENTEEN ONLINE CONCERT’IN-COMPLETE’ at 6 pm on the 23rd.

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