The reason why Park Ji-yoon, who was silent about dating and marriage, informed her about birth

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Park Ji-yoon (40), who became a ‘mother’, opened her mouth to the news of her birth.

On the 20th, Park Ji-yoon posted a post on her Instagram on the 20th, saying, “I met my beautiful and healthy daughter a while ago, and I am doing well with joy every day.”

Park Ji-yoon, who rarely mentions personal information, opens her mouth and is meaningful. As of 2017, Park Ji-yoon had never made any stance regarding her dating rumors with her husband, Cho Soo-yong (48), co-CEO of Kakao, as well as marriage, which became a hot topic two years later. Park Ji-yoon’s dating and marriage news has been delivered only through the ‘unofficial’ route because she has been active and has been working without an agency in effect.

However, following Park Ji-yoon’s pregnancy report on this day, the news of the birth became a hot topic as a close friend’s foot. As it is an issue about the existence of children, the position that I conveyed carefully and plainly is impressive.

One entertainment official guessed, “Even if I didn’t want to reveal my personal life, such as dating or marriage, I wonder if I hated it as a mother to only speculate about children.”

At the end of the article, Park Ji-yoon said, “I express my gratitude to the many people who blessed me.” Accordingly, her fans and celebrities, including as Seong Yu-ri and Jo Jung-chi, celebrated her.

With this, Park Ji-yoon and Cho Soo-yong, the co-president of Kakao, became parents after two years of marriage. Together with the monthly podcast ‘Bcast’ of ‘Magazine B’ published by CEO Cho, the two developed into lovers and married in secret in March 2019.

Park Ji-yoon began her entertainment career as an advertising model for Haitai Confectionery the following year, starting with a teen magazine model in 1993. She worked as a child on SBS ‘Dinosaur Teacher’ in 1994, and debuted as a singer in 1997 with ‘Sky Blue Dream’. Since then, she has enjoyed great popularity as an idol star by releasing ‘Adult Ceremony’, ‘Steel Away’, and ‘Go Away’.

Even after marrying CEO Cho Soo-yong, she held solo concerts and continued her music activities through external works such as OST.

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