Yunho, appeared in ‘MMTG’… face-to-face with Jaejae, showing ‘Passion’

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

TVXQ, Yunho appears on the web entertainment ‘MMTG’. The production team of ‘MMTG’ has been making efforts to recruit Yunho for the past three years, and in 2021, Yunho’s appearance on the MMTG has been dramatically confirmed.

Yunho re-enacted the ‘X-Men Dance Report Ceremony’ from the first meeting with Jaejae in the Rising Sun costume. In the beginning of their debut, with subtitles that were popular at the time, such as ‘Leader of TVXQ’ and ‘Dance XQ’, Jaejae and Yunho played a real sword game by solving the related TMI quiz.

In the comeback restaurant interview, TVXQ’s songs, such as action, melody, science fiction, and teen, were divided by genre and discussed. Following that, Yunho introduced the new song ‘Thank U’and explained the story of the new song choreography. It is said that the production crew in the field couldn’t help but admire his dance story, which shows the explanation and choreography together as if it were a storytelling story.

On the other hand, Yunho made a comeback with her second mini album ‘NOIR’ on the 18th. At the same time as the album release, it is gaining global popularity, ranking 1st on the domestic album charts, 1st on iTunes top album charts in 19 regions worldwide, and 1st on China’s largest music site QQ Music and Kuwar Music digital album sales charts.

The joyful ‘Comeback’ interview video with Yunho will be released for the first time at 5 pm on the 21st through the official YouTube channel of ‘MMTG’.

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