‘Bernarda Alba’ Jung Young-joo “Recklessly challenge the production, hope that it will be the starting point for the performance industry to come alive”

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Jung Young-joo revealed her determination to challenge the producer of ‘Bernarda Alba’.

On the afternoon of the 22nd, a press call of the 2021 Jeongdong Theater musical ‘Bernarda Alba’ was held at Jeongdong Theater in Jung-gu, Seoul. Kim Hee-cheol, CEO of Jeongdong Theater, Director Yeon Tae-heum, music director Kim Seong-soo, choreographer Lee Hye-jung, and producer and actress Jung Young-joo, all attended.

Producer and actor Jung Young-joo said, “I recklessly challenged myself to produce while I was an actor, but it wasn’t easy to start. There was a change in roles. The roles of Kim Kook-hee and Kim Hee-ra changed. Through the audition process, I tried to find proper characters for actors. There was a situation where good actors couldn’t be together. The difference between the producer’s eyes and the actor’s eyes is clear, but I thought that I should participate in the work with an objective view.”

She added, “The actors, stage design, etc. have changed. Because the musical part has endured, the actors have endured and learned. The wise life of Alba is from now.”

At the same time, she said, “I hope that the energy of ‘Bernarda Alba’ will continue and become a starting point for the performance world to come alive again.”

The musical ‘Bernarda Alba’ is based on ‘The House of Bernarda Alba’ by Federico García Lorca, one of the leading poets and playwrights in 20th century Spain. It is a work that was reborn as a musical by taking charge of music. Set in a farmhouse in Andalusia in Spain in the 1930s, this book deals with what happened during the eight years of her husband Antonio at Bernard Alba’s home.

The musical ‘Bernarda Alba’, which premiered in Korea in 2018, was praised by the audience as all seats were sold out. The musical ‘Bernarda Alba’, which won four crowns (Small Theater Musical Award, Best Actress, New Female Award, Music Award) at the 3rd Korea Musical Awards, and is also recognized for its operability, returns after three years.

Actors Jung Young-joo, Hwang Seok-jeong, Lee Young-mi, Oh So-yeon, Kim Kook-hee, Jeon Seong-min, Kim Hee-ra, and Kim Hwan-hee, who were together on the premiere stage, will be with you again. Actors Lee So-jung, Kang Ae-sim, Han Ji-yeon, Choi Yoo-ha, Kim Ryeo-won, Im Jin-ah, Hwang Han-na, Jung Ga-hee, Lee Jin-kyung, and Lee Sang-ah join the new actors to add passion.

The musical ‘Bernarda Alba’ will start on January 22 and will be performed at Jeongdong Theater until March 14.


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