CIX, new album title song ‘Cinema’…released teaser reminiscent of a movie

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Some of the new songs of the group CIX (CIX) were unveiled.

CIX (BX, Seung-hoon, Bae Jin-young, Yong-hee, Hyun-seok) was released on the official SNS on the 22nd at 0:00 on the 4th EP album Hello Chapter Ø. ‘Hello, Strange Dream’ (4th EP Album HELLO Chapter Ø. ‘Hello, Strange Dream’)’s title song ‘Cinema’ music video first teaser video was released.

The video that starts with the sound of ‘Ready, Action’ leads to the appearance of CIX in the movie set, and draws attention from the beginning. CIX’s visuals in each role, as well as the sound of the film reel spinning, are added with a cheerful melody and the refreshing tone of CIX, raising expectations for new songs vertically.

In particular, through this music video teaser, the title song title ‘Cinema’ and some of the new songs were released, and hot response continues. Fans’ expectations for the new release are high as they showed new aspects such as a lovely appearance, a sweet charm, and a dandy visual through the concept photo released earlier.

CIX’s new album ‘Hello, Strange Dream’ is an album that decorates the end of the ‘HELLO’ series, which has been followed by ‘Hello, Stranger’, ‘Hello, Strange Space’, and ‘Hi, Unfamiliar Time’. In particular, as this album was announced as a prequel to the ‘Hello’ series, it is expected to contain a new transformation of CIX that has not been seen before.

Meanwhile, CIX’s fourth EP album ‘Hello, Strange Dream’ will be released on February 2nd at 6 pm through various online music sites.

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