‘Cultwo Show’ Hong Seok-cheon, ‘Born-to-be Itaewon Prince’ dreaming of returning despite 400 million damages (Comprehensive)

[Intern reporter Kim Yeji on Daily Economy Star Today]

Broadcaster Hong Seok-cheon dreamed of returning to Itaewon again despite the loss of 400 million.

On the 22nd aired on the 22nd of SBS Power FM’s ‘2’o clock’s Escape Cultwo Show’ (hereinafter ‘Cultwo Show’), comedian Park Seong-gwang appeared as a special DJ, while Hong Seok-cheon shared the loss of experience as a guest in the ‘Summer Sage’.

On this day, Hong Seok-cheon introduced himself, “This is Hong Seok-cheon, who suffered a lot of damage from last year’s damage. Listening to my story, you will learn something. It is once the Prince of Itaewon, and now the Prince Hong Seok-cheon, who was expelled from Itaewon.”

He announced the recent situation, saying, “I am working hard to make up for the damage I suffered last year. Last year, I cleaned up the restaurant business. My sister does some things in Namyangju, some managers do, but I don’t have any business anymore. I run various businesses online. If you study live commerce, self-employed people also help a lot. I will receive it.”

When DJ Kim Tae-gyun asked, “Why didn’t you have a bulging dream when you first started the restaurant business?” Hong Seok-cheon said, “I started in the early 30s. After coming out, when the broadcast didn’t go well, I thought about what my second favorite thing was. I started cooking.”

He added, “I was thinking of sorting things out, but Corona 19 broke out. I tried to protect the last store, but I couldn’t. I lost about 400 million to 350 million won. I was also scammed by my acquaintances. I was also a sitcom writer, a school senior. I was scammed about 15 million won. I was certainly a writer, so the story line asking for a loan was solid. I was attracted to it because (senior) gave me a role in the work I was preparing.”

On the other hand, he said, “This year’s plan is to return to Itaewon again. We are working on a way for self-employed people to create an Itaewon brand together. When returning, I would like to create a restaurant with a future-oriented, new concept.”

On this day, Hong Seok-cheon also confessed his experience of being voice phishing. He said, “I had a voice phishing experience. I lost 5.8 million won. It was when I visited Thailand to shoot a broadcast. An older brother I know well called. It was definitely his voice. He paid money to his wife. He said that I had to send it, but he said he would only lend me 5.8 million won, and he said I would pay it back a week later. It wasn’t 5 million won, not 6 million won, but 5.8 million won, so I lent it first.”

“But later, when I met him again, he was surprised to say, ‘When will I pay back the money. I don’t have any cash.’ It turns out that someone (by borrowing his brother’s name) cheated. After that, he caught the killer. There were about 60 other victims besides me, and one of them reported and caught the killer, but even now, three years later, I still haven’t been getting money back. “I couldn’t talk to the detective,” he said, causing the listeners’ regret. DJ Kim Tae-gyun shuddered, “I’ll take the money instead. Give me half.” Hong Seok-cheon replied, “I will give you 10% off”.

Kim Tae-gyun also asked, “What’s your business style? Do you prefer to do it alone?” Hong Seok-cheon said, “Originally, this is a style that I do alone. I really hate harming others. I haven’t received any investment. But I changed it since last year. I talked to an expert about my idea and said that I could take it. “There are things that I couldn’t do because I thought about things with other people.” “In the past, you can think that I would eat everything and now share it, but that’s right. In the past, I wanted to eat everything,”

In the middle of the broadcast, a listener who gave birth to a child earlier told a story that he seemed to lose every time he gave a gold ring because of the gold price, which was much higher than when he held the first birthday party. In response, Hong Seok-cheon shared his experience, saying, “The gold has risen a lot. I also won the SBS ‘Challenge Cheongok’ before. I received a gold money at that time, but I will save it and sell it when necessary.”

To the listeners who said they had lost stocks, “There are a lot of people who do stocks around. I’m interested in stocks, but I said ‘stocks aren’t my way. I’m going to do business” and spent about 50 million won in the interior of the store last year. “But…” he said. He complained, saying, “It’s really unfair to think that I’ve been scammed. Menopause has also come. Didn’t it come back last week. The damage unit is different from me.” When Park Seong-gwang said, “It’s unfortunate to hear the story for only one day. I’ll have to make a fixed appearance.”

In the second half of the broadcast, Kim Tae-gyun asked, “Guests of ‘Damage Sovereignty’ always leave a quote about money. Mr. Hong Seok-cheon asks for one.” Hong Seok-cheon said, “To keep is what you earn. But I don’t keep those words and I invest a lot”, which made listeners laugh.

Meanwhile, Hong Seok-cheon, who was called “Itaewon’s Emperor” by operating 7 restaurants in Itaewon, closed the last restaurant in Itaewon last summer in the aftermath of Corona 19.


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