‘Delicious Rendezvous’ Lee Ji-ah summons Shim Su-ryun… a bloody situational drama “I’ll kill you”

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Lee Ji-ah summoned Shim Su-ryun of ‘Penthouse’ and showed a bloody contest.

In the SBS entertainment program ‘Delicious Rendezvous’, broadcast on the 21st, Nong Bengers and Lee Ji-ah are performing live broadcasting to promote the sales of Guamegi in Pohang.

On this day, at the request of Yang Se-hyung, Lee Ji-ah played a situational drama with Yoo Byung-jae during the live broadcast. Yoo Byung-jae played the role of a son who hates Guamegi, and Lee Ji-ah played the role of Yoo Byung-jae’s mother.

Yoo Byung-jae said, “I just put the Guamegi ordered from ‘Delicious Rendezvous’ in a bowl, but so many foods are on the table. But I hate Guamegi.”

Lee Ji-ah, who appeared with a sigh, said, “Byeong-jae, you said that your mother should eat Guamegi to be tall. Why are you doing this to make her upset?” Yoo Byung-jae pushed the table and played.

So Lee Ji-ah said, “Byeong-jae, I’ll kill you,” as if he was immersed in the role, and Kim Hee-cheol, who was watching this, admired, “You’re hitting that line?”

Netizens who watched live broadcasts laughed by sending comments saying, “In the play, son looks older than mother” and “I envy Byeong-jae at this time.”

Yoo Byung-jae, who ate Lee Ji-ah’s Guamegissam, concluded the situation play, saying, “I didn’t know that Guamegi was so delicious. From now on, I will be a son who listens to my mother.”


Photo|SBS broadcast screen capture

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