‘Injury fighting spirit’ reminds viewers of Hwang Sun-hong in the 2002 World Cup

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

The red light turns on to the ‘Somehow FC’ power.

On the 24th broadcast of JTBC’s ‘Let’s Play Football Together’ is held on the 24th of the broadcast on the 24th, ‘Somehow FC’ Ace Lee Dae-hoon is injured during the header competition, raising concerns.

On this day, ‘Somehow FC’ will have a fierce confrontation in the semifinals of the national tournament. Since it is a single game with a win, the final, and the loss, both teams cannot withdraw as long as the championship is at hand. Not only the legends, but also the players of the opposing team play the game with keen sensitivity.

In the midst of a persistent struggle until the second half, Lee Dae-hoon flew vigorously toward the flying ball, but he bumped into the opponent’s player and grabbed his head with the shock. It is said that the game is suspended for a while because it was a collision situation during the header competition.

Lee Dae-hoon shows a caring side by grabbing his head and complaining of pain, but worrying about the status of the opponent’s player who cannot get up. In addition, even if a bright red bruise on his forehead was clearly taken, he showed off his commitment to victory by showing off his professional appearance to concentrate on the game. As expected, Lee Dae-hoon is looking forward to the main broadcast how he will overcome this difficulty.

On the other hand, on this day, ‘Somehow FC’ is going to compete with Songpa-gu Ma 2 team by stepping up to the semi-finals after having a dramatic quarter-final last week. The 2nd team in Songpa-gu has a desperate survival instinct and a persistent back-hearted power as a team that won a reverse victory like ‘Somehow FC’.

In particular, the game unprecedented, and this confrontation cannot be easily asserted, and fans wonder the game score.


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