Kim Chul-min “Thank you Myung-soo… I will overcome and repay.”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Kim Cheol-min, who is fighting lung cancer, thanked his colleague Park Myung-soo.

Kim Chul-min said on his Facebook page on the 22nd, “Thank you, Myung-soo,” and “When I fell, I ran to the hospital and Yangpyeong nursing home at once and helped in appearances such as TV Chosun ‘Taste of Wife’, Channel A ‘Eye Contact’ and ‘Dog Bone I posted a post saying, “Thank you, my grateful senior, Park Myung-soo, who played my song “It’s okay” on KBS’s “Park Myung-soo radio show”.

He added, “I will definitely overcome it and repay you.”

Kim Cheol-min, the younger brother of the late Neo Hoon-ah (Kim Gap-soon), was diagnosed with lung cancer in August 2019 and has been fighting the disease. He claimed that taking fenbendazole, a dog repellent for the purpose of treating lung cancer, significantly reduced the pain, but he said he stopped taking it due to side effects 10 months later.

Even after stopping taking fenbendazole, Kim Cheol-min is receiving a lot of support by steadily conveying the situation and feelings of chemotherapy through Facebook.

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