Park Myung-soo, “Stop Now” at Ziyang’s Mukbang (‘Hal Myung-soo’)

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Comedian Park Myung-soo presents a reunion with YouTuber Ziyang, and a special meal.

On the 22nd, JTBC’s ‘Hal Myung-soo’ YouTube channel will reveal the ‘Myung-soo to eat diet’. In this episode, Park Myung-soo introduces an appetite loss eating room, and Ziyang introduces a ‘substitute satisfaction eating room’ for dieters.

Ziyang, who met with Park Myung-soo again after 9 months, still showed a different level of eating, and the difference between the two was revealed in the amount of giblets they eat. Among the prepared 12 servings of giblets, Park Myung-soo gave up eating six pieces of giblets, while Ziyang said, “I ate up to 16m of giblets.”

Park Myung-soo, amazed to see Ziyang’s inhalation of giblets like a storm, asked Ziyang, “Can’t you eat it now? Please tell me honestly.” Ziyang smiled wide and replied, “I haven’t even started,” causing laughter.

The two people who finished eating the giblets ate 8 tiger prawns constantly. Tiger Shrimp’s head man, Ziyang, said, “Let’s put the shrimp’s head and cook the ramen,” shocked Park Myung-soo. After getting rid of the ramen, Ziyang said, “I’ll buy the dessert” and suggested the next course. Park Myung-soo said, “Stop it now.”

After finishing Ziyang and 12 giblets, 8 tiger prawns, and 3 bags of ramen, Park Myung-soo is exhausted. You can check the breathing of Park Myung-soo, a master of appetite loss food, and Ziyang, a YouTube food-banger, on the YouTube channel of ‘Hal Myung-soo’ on the 22nd. The episode of ‘The Master to Eat Diet’ will be broadcast on the JTBC channel at 11:30 am on the 30th.

Photo courtesy of JTBC YouTube’Hal Myungsoo’

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