‘Shin Ae-ra’s son’ Cha Jung-min releases tribute song ‘Mom’ for mother

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer-songwriter Cha Jung-min (NtoL) released a tribute song to her mother, Shin Ae-ra.

On the 22nd, Cha Jung-min released the single ‘Mom’ sound source through the online music site at noon. Like a singer-songwriter, Cha Jung-min was in charge of all parts such as lyrics, composition, arrangement, vocals, and rap.

‘Mom’ is a disco, hip-hop-style pop song, and the lyrics contain a deep love for mother. In the song planning intention, Cha Jung-min said, “From the moment I first stepped into the big world of social life, I heard a lot of things people say about me. There are compliments, but there are words that lower my self-esteem. If the words of the world and my mother are different, I will believe the words of my mother who loves me the most. I hope this song will bring comfort to those in need.”


Photo|Cha Jung-min ‘Mom’ album jacket

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