Suzy’s own song’Oh, Lover’ pre-released… The 10th anniversary of the debut

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

In commemoration of the 10th anniversary of their debut, the video of Suzy’s self-composed song ‘Oh, Lover’, which is about to meet with fans, has been pre-released, and interest in the fans is rising.

Kakao M presents the video of Suzy’s self-composed song ‘Oh, Lover’, which will be shown on the stage of the fan show, ahead of Suzy’s 10th anniversary untouched fan concert ‘Suzy: A Tempo’, which will be broadcast live exclusively on Kakao TV on Saturday, 23rd at 7 pm It was pre-released through Kakao TV and official SNS. Meanwhile, through Suzy’s SNS, the guitar playing and the panther practice process has been gradually exposed and curiosity has increased.

In the video, Suzy sits in a fresh and green flower garden, plays the guitar, and sings a new song written and composed by herself. The visual of the goddess of the goddess that seems to melt even the cold of winter and the charm of a mature musician make it impossible to take your eyes and ears off. Suzy, wearing a naturally wavy hairstyle, a comfortable blouse and jeans, grabs the attention with a vintage-colored electric guitar, boasting an exhilarating beauty as if early spring has come without a fancy dress.

‘Oh, Lover’ video is attracting attention as a romantic atmosphere contrary to the alluring and sexy aspect in the 2021 version of ‘Yes No Maybe’ released on the 18th. While the various performances that will be unfolded in the panther are unveiled one after another, the expectation for the various appearances that Suzy will show rises, making the actual stage less than a week await even more. In addition, the fan show, which is decorated with various programs such as the 10th anniversary talk to share a sincere heart with fans, is expected to give fans an unforgettable special time by illuminating the charm of Suzy from various angles.

In particular, this self-composed song is the back statement that Suzy prepared with passion to show a sincere stage with gratitude to the fans. While Suzy’s clean and clean tone and lyrical melody are well harmonized, the lyrics in the pre-release video are said to be written one by one, thinking of the fans who will see the video, and the love of the fan is transmitted from the polite handwriting. Also, ‘Oh, lover, you are like a flower / Oh, lover, your eyes are stars / Oh, lover, when you smile, you are a rainbow ‘I don’t think I can live without you’, etc. The lyrics for the song will be filled with affection for the fans and will give a calm impression on the stage of the fan show.

Suzy’s Online Concert, ‘Suzy: A Tempo’, was specially prepared to repay fans’ love for 10 years when direct communication with fans is difficult due to COVID-19. ‘A Tempo’ means ‘to be fast’, which means returning the speed that temporarily changed in the middle of the song to the original tempo. After debuting, we look back on the busy times so far, and do not be shaken by any changes in speed. It contains the meaning of being together as Suzy.

Kakao M’s music content production bureau, which has been planning and producing a variety of music contents from mega-scale year-end awards such as MMA, to live comeback shows, was in charge of planning and directing. to be. This fan show will be released exclusively in Korea and North America through Kakao TV at 7 pm on Saturday, the 23rd, and niconico live in Japan, and global with 26 million subscribers worldwide in other regions. It will be broadcast live through the official YouTube channel of ‘1theK Originals’ of K-pop media ‘Wonder K’.

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