‘Unanswered Questions’, The death of Jung-in follow-up report… Didn’t both parents know the abuse?

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In the SBS current affairs liberal arts program ‘Unanswered Questions’, which airs on the 23rd, we analyze the reasons why Jung In-i could not be saved even after reporting abuse, and consider what alternatives could be used to prevent another ‘Jung In incident’.

#After Jung-in incident

On January 13th, in front of Seoul Southern District Court. From early dawn, many reporters and police, as well as hundreds of citizens flocked. The reason people gathered with such great interest was to watch the young couple’s first trial, which led to the devastating death of their child. The couple were the adoptive parents of ‘Jung-in’ who made us reflect on our society with a sad death.

On January 2nd, when the 16-month-old adopted child abuse death case, the so-called ‘Jung-in case’, was re-examined through the ‘Unanswered Questions’ broadcast, a big repercussion occurred in our society. Many people were angry, sad, and repentant at Jung In-i’s sad and terrible death. In the ‘I’m Sorry Jung-in’ challenge spread through SNS, more than 100,000 people, including ordinary citizens as well as many entertainers, athletes, and politicians, participated to help publicize the ‘Jung-in case’. And the interest of citizens from all walks of life, which has not stopped, has made many changes.

The National Assembly passed the amendment to the Act on Special Cases for the Punishment of Child Abuse Crimes, the so-called ‘Jung-in Act’ within six days of broadcasting. The police chief of Yangcheon, who had jurisdiction over the case, was given a stand-by measure, followed by strict censure against the investigators, and the chief of police bowed down to the people and apologized. The court was flooded with petitions from citizens calling for severe punishment by adoptive parents, and the prosecution also listened to citizens’ opinions. The prosecution, who was preparing for the first trial, asked ‘Unanswered Questions’ for experimental data on the external force exerted on the child on the day of Jung-in’s death, which was broadcast in the section ‘Why Did Jung-in Die?’ Accordingly, the production team shared all related data with the prosecution and helped to become a rigorous investigation.

Two weeks after the broadcast, the first trial was held against the adoptive parents who killed the 16-month-old baby girl. An hour-long trial under the interest of many citizens and the media. On this day, the prosecution added a “homicide crime” against Jang Yang and applied for a change of the complaint. Citizens’ anger did not stop at these couples as they left the court, and many questions about the truth were poured out.

#Hasn’t adoptive father noticed the child abuse?

“Because I have been to a cafe once. There was no second. ‘Why isn’t Jung-in?’ Then I’m sleeping in my car. During my stay at the cafe for more than an hour and a half, I never found it.” Interview with acquaintances of adoptive parents

Adoptive father, Ahn, argues that his wife, Jang, actively wanted adoption, and that she was unaware of the abuse. However, the words of the acquaintances the production crew met during the interview process were different from the arguments of the husband and wife.

According to the testimony of the daycare center teachers, she explained the child’s serious physical condition to her husband, Ahn, who came to pick up the child the day before her death. However, the husband and wife did not take Jung In to the hospital immediately. In addition, it was confirmed that the Adoptive father, Ahn, visited the art academy and participated in the class three days before the death of Jung In, along with Yang Mo Jang. According to the direction of the director of the Academy of Fine Arts, it is said that during the class period, Ahn, as well as his wife, could not see her second Jung-in taking care of her.

Where did Jung-in really be during that time? Was the husband really unaware of Jung-in’s health condition and the abuse of wool?

#The system that prevent child abuse is needed, not ‘Jung-in Act’!

Jung-in died even though there were reports of suspicion of abuse in the first and second periods. What is the task our society must solve to prevent the death of another Jung-in? In order to find the answer more clearly, the production crew first covered the process of handling three abuse reports more closely than at the first broadcast. And, unfortunately, we have confirmed some new facts.

In particular, the third report of the last chance to save Jung-in. There was an uncomfortable truth hidden in the process. The third reporter was a pediatrician who had already consulted Jung-in at the time of the first report at the request of a specialized child protection agency and the police. He strongly argued that child abuse was suspected based on the record of examining Jung-in since May of last year, but this allegation disappeared in vain.

“I spoke very strongly to the police who came back then. So, of course, I was thinking that it would have been separated, but he died suddenly.” -In the third reporter interview

Why wasn’t any action taken even though the pediatrician, who had been examining Jung-in for about 5 months from May to September, strongly suspected and reported child abuse? What happened to the child protection agency and the police?

Looking at the reporting process, it can be seen that Jung In-i was not saved because there was no ‘law’, but because there was no ‘system’ to support the law. Laws and countermeasures pouring out whenever a child abuse case is reported. Can these things really prevent ‘the another tragic child abuse’? What should our society do in order not to repeat the tragedy again?

On the 23rd, in the ‘I’m sorry Jung-in, and the way our anger should go’, we look closely at the process of reporting the heart of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd abuses, and analyze the cause of being unable to save Jung-in at that time. And what is the system and manual to prevent another ‘Jung-in incident’, and consider the alternative.


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