‘Where is My Home’ Yunho, left remarkable comment “How much gold is needed for saving?”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

In ‘Where is My Home’, Yunho’s quote bombing is revealed.

MBC entertainment program ‘Where is My Home’ broadcasted at 10:40 pm on the 24th! In ‘Where is My Home’ (director Lim Kyung-sik Lee Min-hee), TVXQ’s Yunho sets out to find a property.

On this day, a family of three seeking a warm home for a retired father appears as a client. It is said that the father and family, who have organized the business they have been in for the last 35 years, are dreaming of a second life in a new area. The hoped area is the entire area of Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, where the family of their sons lives, and they wanted a house or townhouse with a yard. They wanted 3 rooms and 2 bathrooms, and they needed a hobby space. As for the budget, it was possible to buy and sell up to 700 million won, and if the house is good, it is possible to reach the beginning of 800 million won.

In the recuperation team, Yunho of ‘Passion Mansour’ appears as an intern coordination. Yunho, who volunteered to say that it was not TVXQ, but as go to walk for seeking a house for today, said, “The three most important things in life are genuine, luxury, and footwork. He said, “If you can’t leave the product, it’s a return.” He said, “It’s not obvious and fun!”

Yunho is said to have opened her mouth about the floral wallpaper interior of her house, which was revealed on the air. He says that his interior taste is ‘modern’, and a room with floral wallpaper is a consideration for mothers who like flowers. At the same time, he said that he would like to make the house modern if he moves or remodels one day.

Yunho, who sorted out with Jang Dong-min as a coordination of the bok team, is said to have poured out numerous quotes like a bomber, which is a famous entertainment world, raising expectations. First he emphasized saving on heating costs and said, “There are a lot of gold in the world. Gold, salt, and now.” In addition, “There is one more gold you need most when saving money”, which surprised the coordinators.

In addition, it is said that Yunho’s tireless passion shined through the recording. He looked closely at the property and showed off the best reactions, while introducing the name of the property with his whole body, and doing his best in every moment such as a situation drama with Jang Dong-min. In addition, it is said that when looking at the other’s property, he meticulously notes his strengths and weaknesses, making everyone admire him. However, Jang Dong-min, who watched this, said, “I sold a day with Yunho and I couldn’t wake up for 3 days at home.”

On the 24th at 10:40 pm MBC ‘Where is My Home’.


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