(G)I-dle Soyeon, the highest rating in the delivery app…”I can only go out”

[Intern reporter Kim Yeji on Daily Economy Star Today]

(G)I-dle So-yeon received the highest rating in the delivery application.

In the Kakao TV web entertainment ‘Face ID’, which was released on the 25th, So-yeon, the leader of (G)I-dle, appeared as a guest.

On this day, So-yeon said, “I use a lot of delivery applications. I think I ordered them twice a day.” She said, “I can’t go outside now. I never go out. So, I always order them and always order ‘Please leave me at the door’.”

The ‘Face ID’ staff asked, “Please show me what you ate recently”, and So-yeon directly opened the app and introduced the order details. The most recent menu I ate was crucible soup. She said, “I always didn’t eat a lot of rice. So I had to be healthy and ate crucible soup. I ate alone, but I ordered it worth 25,000 won. I didn’t know that crucible soup was so expensive.”

On the other hand, the most ordered menu was maratang. She expressed her affection, saying, “I have only ordered maratang twice a day and ate it.”

When asked to show the app rating, So-yeon replied, “It’s a natural relationship” after checking for a while. The production crew was surprised by saying, “That’s the highest grade,” and So-yeon liked it, saying, “Is this the highest grade? Awesome.”

On the other hand, (G)I-dle, to whom So-yeon belongs, released their fourth mini-album ‘I Burn’ on the 11th.


Photo| Kakao TV’Face ID’

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