Golden Child “Album name ‘YES.’, We want to give you positive energy”

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Group Golden Child said, “We want to give you positive energy” through a new album.

On the afternoon of the 25th, Kongdon Child’s 5th mini album ‘YES.’ An online showcase was held to commemorate the release.

The title name of the 5th mini album ‘YES.’ is a key keyword that penetrates the entire album, and it is also a positive message thrown toward a dark and chaotic world.

On this day, Golden Child introduced the album name as “‘Yes’ is a positive word. It contains a warm heart that can hug any shape or any environment. An album containing positive energy.”

In the album, starting with the intro of the same name, ‘YES.’, ‘Cool Cool’, which represents the hearts of youth who want to run toward a new tomorrow, ‘I’m waiting’, expressing the pain and longing of separation, and precious people living their lives A total of 6 tracks were included, including the song ‘Milky Way’, which was likened to a star, and ‘Breathe’, which delivers a hopeful message from the difficult past.

The title song ‘Burn It’ is a song that harmonizes the intense reggaeton-style rhythm with guitar, whistle, and emotional melody. Watching a loved one struggle, the boy band expressed their heartache, and their desire to burn the pain so that he could escape the pain.

Golden Child releases its fifth mini-album ‘YES.’ through various sound source sites today (25th) at 6 pm and begins a full-fledged comeback activity.

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