Golden Child “‘Burn It’, powerful performance & strong addiction”

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Group Golden Child showed strong confidence in the new song ‘Burn It’.

On the afternoon of the 25th, Golden Child’s 5th mini album ‘YES.’ An online showcase was held to commemorate the release.

The title song ‘Burn It’ is a song that harmonizes the intense reggaeton-style rhythm with guitar, whistle, and emotional melody. Watching a loved one struggle, he expressed his heartache, and his desire to burn the pain so that he could escape the pain.

Regarding the title song, Y introduced “It’s a reggaeton style song. ‘Burn It’ is a song that has a positive meaning to hug you in any situation, no matter how you change. The song itself was also the first genre we tried, and I immediately came up with how to interpret it.”

Joo-chan said, “I thought that I could sing better than a guide song. This song made me think that I could be well saved.”

Jang Jun and Tag directly participated in the rap making. Jang Jun said, “I wrote the lyrics with the idea that I can hug you no matter what.”

Tag said, “I tried to untie it this time. I tried to hold the wounded you and make you warm.”

Regarding the charm of the song, Jae-hyun said, “The charm of ‘Burn It’ is indispensable for the choreography. It features a powerful performance.” Jae-beom said, “As soon as I listened to the song, it kept lingering in my ears. I wonder if the listeners do that too.”

Golden Child releases its fifth mini-album ‘YES.’ through various sound source sites today (25th) at 6 pm and begins a full-fledged comeback activity.

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