“If the public wants, dance…”‘Phantom Singer All-Star Competition’

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

The ‘Phantom Singer All-Star Competition’ showcases the ‘War of the Stars’ played by 9 teams that advance to the finals of season 1-3.

All nine teams who went on to the JTBC’s ‘Phantom Singer All-Star Competition’, which aired for the first time on the 26th, predicted a great game that took pride in a nervous war that was more advanced than in the audition.

In particular, there was a check of sparks between the teams participating in the season 1 of ‘Phantom Singer’. Forte di Quattro, the first winning team, surprised everyone by saying, “I will not choose any means and methods. If the public wants, I have to dance.” I would like to. How long do I have to associate with them?” Following them, season 1’s 3rd place team ‘Somspresso’ also said, “The coolest picture is not to take second place.”

Season 2 winner and ‘crossover idol’ Forestella said, “Now… do you need a strategy?” Forestella leader Cho Min-gyu picked “a similar popularity phenomenon” as the team that is most held in check, but Kim Hae-guk, leader of the 2nd runner-up Miraclass of Season 2, said, “We watched all the video to catch Forestella. Wait, Cho Min-gyu!” he roared. Forrestella, who watched the momentum of Miraclas and the explosive stage of other teams, laughed with a frightened appearance saying, “Can’t I abstain?” In the midst of this, Season 2’s 3rd place team Ethel Reinklang struck everyone with a blow to everyone, saying, “Our competitors are… yesterday’s us?”

On the other hand, LaPoem, the season 3 championship team, which is like the members who finished the most recent season, said, “I will show the tremendous emotion of the authentic countertenor” and “Everyone checks each other… so we will quietly let us win.” The season 3 runner-up team Labidence, which shows the essence of World Music, also said, “There are many compelling teams, but we also have sharpened swords.”

On the stage of those who were finally revealed, the celebrity field cheering squad couldn’t stand the tears bursting as well as standing applause and were enthusiastic. Park Jung-soo, who witnessed the scene where the energy of the previous generation exploded, said, “I was excited. I killed it. What more do you need to say?” He was thrilled, and Baek Ji-young also expressed his feelings, “My heart almost came out.”

The ‘Phantom Singer All-Star Competition’, a stage like a real festival that will make you forget the confrontation, will be unveiled by ‘The Kings of the End of the Gwiho River’ on Tuesday, January 26th at 10:30 pm.

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