‘Love Letter’ director’s new work ‘Last Letter’, released in February [Official]

[Reporter Han Hyeon-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Love Letter’ director’s new romance movie’The Last Letter’ (director Shunji Iwai) will be released in Korea in February.

‘Last Letter’ is a classic melodrama that reminds me of winter, ‘Love Letter’, ‘Hana and Alice’ and ‘All about Lily Shushu’, etc. Director Iwai Shunji, a master who has been loved for a long time for his cozy visual beauty and rich sensitivity using unique natural light. This work was produced by director Peter Chan, who has been directing the novel of the same name as the original work, and has uniquely expressed youthful melodies with ‘Comrades: Almost a Love Story’ and ‘Better Days’.

In particular, the screenplay award, the Best Actress and Supporting Actress awards were nominated at the 55th Golden Horse Market Awards, the 38th Hong Kong Gold Awarded Greater China Film Awards nominated, and the 15th Hong Kong Asian Film Festival closing film was recognized through prominent film festivals.

Zhang Zifeng, a former star child actor, played the role of Jihua, a younger brother who falls in love at a glance after seeing her friend’s older brother Inchuan in junior high school. I am going to take on the role of the older sister and show the younger sister’s chemistry.

It is a work that recalls the memories of the first love of three people who crossed in school as a reunion between a woman who attended a reunion to announce her sister’s death and her sister’s boyfriend and her first love man 30 years ago. Zhou Xun, Zhang Zifeng, and Enxi Deng appeared, and director Iwai Shunji of “Hana and Alice”, “April Story” and “Love Letter” produced the megaphone, and director Peter Chan of “Sweet Meal” was in charge of the production. Scheduled to be released in February.


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