‘Morning Yard’ Lee Min-gyu “Park Seon-Woo’s acting conversion, Mr.2 activities again received blood certificate”

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Lee Min-gyu revealed the current situation and popularity of Mr. To Park Sun-woo.

On the 25th broadcast of KBS1’s ‘Morning Yard’, ‘Myungbulheojeon’, we talked about the theme of ‘The Return of the Legend, My Brother is Back’.

Lee Min-gyu said, “This is Lee Min-gyu ahead of a new comeback, not a winter song in 2021. I am trying to open the New Year’s Day in the morning of the morning.”

When asked about the recent status of Park Sun-woo, who worked as Mr. Two together, Lee Min-gyu said, “I am passionate about acting. I turned to an actor. Because of the broadcast schedule, I couldn’t come out today.”

In addition, Lee Min-gyu said, “The phrase ‘the white winter prince’ is unfamiliar. I will try to become a prince” while saying, “It’s too much to say goodbye to focus on winter.”

When asked about his popularity during Mr.2’s activities, Lee Min-gyu said, “I felt the popularity coming when it wasn’t long before a fan letter came. I wrapped a drafting blade in hwaseon paper and sent it. When I saw it, I had a sword and wrote a blood certificate and sent it to me saying I love you. It seemed to have bitten my finger.”


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