Opened ‘Indieground’, a public online platform for independent art films

[Reporter Han Hyeon-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Meet online center indie ground.

Korean Film Council announced on the 25th that it has officially opened the service of ‘Indieground’ (, a public online platform for independent and artistic films.

Korean Film Council explained that IndieGround, an independent and artistic film distribution and distribution support center, has established an online platform to diversify the distribution and distribution of independent and artistic films and to establish an organic support system that integrates online and offline.

The online platform is integrated and operated by the Korea Independent Film Association, which operates an offline support center Indieground. All of the 70 independent films built in the independent film library will be released through online screenings for a week from this day to the 31st. From next month, the independent film library will be serviced through various curations.

In addition, works built in the independent film library support 4 free community screenings per work. Community screening is an alternative screening method in which audiences who want to watch a movie plan, promote, and screen screenings directly in various local spaces, including theaters.

Korean Film Council said, “We plan to develop the platform service every year for online screening and distribution in various ways to establish itself as an online hub for a virtuous cycle of distribution and distribution of Korean independent and artistic films in the rapidly changing global film industry environment.”

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