Shim Hye-jin “I went to the obstetrics and gynecologist before marriage, an absurd rumor circulated” (‘Girl’s High School Alumni’)

[Intern reporter Shin Hyo-won, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Shim Hye-jin confessed to rumors before marriage.

Channel A’s current affairs program, ‘Girl’s High School Alumni’, aired on the 24th, dealt with the story of ovaries and menopause.

Shim Hye-jin, who appeared on the day, said, “I don’t have one ovary.”

“How did you find out?” she recalled, “I was skinny in my 30s, but only my stomach was convex. It was because my constipation was getting worse. Then I went to the hospital and said it was strange and told me to go to a big hospital.”

At the same time, she confessed the rumors she had experienced in the past. She said, “I went to the obstetrics and gynecology department before marriage, and the next day, there was an article saying, ‘Shim Hye-jin visited obstetrics and gynecologist due to the miscarriage.”

Meanwhile, ‘Girl’s High School Alumni’ is broadcast every Sunday at 5:50 pm.

PhotoㅣChannel A broadcasting screen

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