Yeo Jin-gu pictorial “‘The Crowned Clown’·’Hotel del Luna’, a work that has great meaning to me”

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

A pictorial with the various charms of actor Yeo Jin-gu was released.

Men’s magazine ‘GQ Korea’ recently conducted a pictorial with Yeo Jin-gu. In the published pictorial, Yeo Jin-gu caught the eye by revealing his intense expression and eyes. In particular, during the photo shoot, Yeo Jin-gu not only fully digested various outfits, but also expressed the atmosphere suitable for each shoot freely, completing a sensitive visual.

In an interview conducted with the pictorial, Yeo Jin-gu said about the first drama ‘Monster’ that airs on February 19, “There are few scenes of laughing while shooting. My character, an elite detective, ‘Han Ju-won’, believes that he is rational and sees the world from a very computational and realistic perspective. This is my first time with such a character. So every time I act, I feel new.” He raised the expectation for the future appearance.

In addition, Yeo Jin-gu, who played the voice of AI speaker ‘Jang Young-sil’ in the recently ended drama ‘Startup’, said, “It was a special appearance, but it was an interesting experience. The director first asked me to keep it a secret that I made a voice appearance. Some people quickly noticed it, and my best friend didn’t know it until the last episode. He said he thought it was a voice actor.”

Next, when asked about the work that took him to a new level as an actor, Yeo Jin-gu said, “The drama ‘The Crowned Clown’ and ‘Hotel del Luna’ are of great significance to me. ‘The Crowned Clown’ gave me a chance to get a sense of acting, and I realized that it’s okay to act the way I want while receiving a lot of love and praise through ‘Hotel del Luna’. At that time, it was really overwhelming.”

Meanwhile, more pictorials and interviews of Yeo Jin-gu can be found in the February issue of ‘GQ Korea’. In addition, the interview video of Yeo Jin-gu will be released through ‘GQ Korea’ Instagram.

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