YouTuber Haala, “I suffer Pancreatic Cancer”, stops broadcasting…”Good bye” tears

Youtuber Haala. Photo|Youtube capture

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

YouTuber Haala (real name Ha Sun-woo, 26), who was fighting the disease after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in the second stage, announced the suspension of the broadcast.

On the 24th, Haala posted a video titled ‘Thank you so much’ on her personal YouTube channel.

In the video, Haala said, “I don’t think I will be broadcasting for a while,” and “I am not sure whether it will be a month or two. The health problem is huge. It is not a body that can broadcast,” she revealed the reason for the suspension of the broadcast.

Next, Haala said, “If you feel like you’ll want to see it, I’ll turn on the broadcast at will,” and “Thank you for watching the broadcast for two years.”

Haala has been active as a BJ and YouTuber on Africa TV since 2019. Haala was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in the second stage after a medical examination last May. It is known that he is recovering after undergoing surgery, but decided to stop broadcasting to recover his health.

PhotoㅣHalla YouTube video capture

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