‘Afternoon Hope’ Lee Ye-jun x Ahn Ye-eun X HYNN (Park Hye-won), 3 female vocalists’ moist live

[Intern reporter Kim Yeji on Daily Economy Star Today]

On a rainy afternoon, the national treasure-class voice goddesses even wet the hearts of the listeners.

In MBC FM4U’s ‘Afternoon Hope Song Kim Shin-young’ (hereinafter ‘Afternoon Hope’) broadcast on the 26th, 3 female vocalists Lee Ye-jun, Ahn Ye-eun and HYNN (Park Hye-won) appeared as guests.

On this day, the broadcast opened with Lee Ye-jun’s ‘Would I have been comfortable on that day’ live. DJ Kim Shin-young praised “Ye-jun’s song is always good. I am not anxious when playing live.”

“Lee Ye-jun almost opened up the call center of love. I heard that it was Young-tak’s graduate school motive.” In November of last year, Lee Ye-jun appeared in the entertainment program ‘Call Center of Love’ as a friend of Young-tak and collected topics with excellent singing skills.

Lee Ye-jun replied, “That’s right. He’s a really diverse genre. She said she would try trot one day. When she trot, she said it was fun.” When asked, “I bought a lot of rice. It was a difficult time for my brother back then. So I had to buy it.” she added, “I only said that I would return my grace after going well, but I was grateful for calling me to the ‘Love Call Center’.” I even sent a short video letter to Young-tak, saying, “If you only have one good song, you can go to me.”

On the other hand, she said, “I’ve been paying attention since the audition,” saying hello to Ahn Ye-eun. Ahn Ye-eun replied, “Thank you.”

She won second place in 2016 SBS Survival Audition ‘K-Pop Star Season 5’ by showing off her unique voice tone and personality. Kim Shin-young asked, “Is it traditional Korean music? Your voice is very peculiar.” Ahn Ye-eun said, “Thank you for asking such a lot of questions. But I haven’t learned it before. I may have learned it in my previous life. I still liked Sageuk. I really liked ‘Daejanggeum’ when I was a kid, so I set the phone ringtone as the drama ost I have had one.”

When asked, “What kind of song did you like with idol songs?”, Ahn Ye-eun confessed, “I have passed the turbulent period of 2nd generation idols. I heard a lot of idol songs. Among them, I was Cassiopeia. I liked TVXQ.” When Kim Shin-young asked, “I’ve recently released a new song, are you thinking of singing it together?” She said, “Oh my god, I can’t breathe.” On the other hand, Ahn Ye-eun perfectly digested the new song ‘Proust’ with a dreamy atmosphere on this day, making the atmosphere on the scene hot.

Kim Shin-young also congratulated Park Hye-won, saying, “We won the Rookie Award at the APAN Music Awards on the 24th.” In response, Park Hye-won said, “I didn’t know that my parents would already receive a big prize, and he said that I wish I could hold the center well and sing well.”

Kim Shin-young also asked, “The new song ‘With You Without You’ is also becoming a very hot topic. I heard that Jung Seung-hwan participated in the lyrics.” Park Hye-won revealed the behind-the-scenes, saying, “The manager who was at Jung Seung-Hwan’s company recently came to our company. He made a connection.” She also sang ‘With You Without You’ at this place. Not only the guests but also the listeners were admired by the clean high-pitched tone processing.

On this day, a listener sent a text message saying, “Isn’t there any people who think when vocals like’ Kim, Na, Park (Kim Bum-soo, Na-eul, Park Hyo-shin)’ are the most important vocal leaders?” In response, DJ Kim Shin-young suggested, “Let’s talk about it once except for the people here and the members of the agency.”

Park Hye-won replied, “I like Park Jeong-hyeon and Yangpa. And I once fell in love with Sohyang, who was the terminator of treble and practiced a lot of singing.” Kim Shin-young said, “Then Park Hye-won’s 3rd leader of vocals will be Park, Yang, and So(Park Jeong-hyeon, Yangpa and Sohyang).”

On the other hand, Ahn Ye-eun said, “I want to pick Han Young-ae, Kim Yoon-a, and Cherry Filter Cho Yu-jin.” Lee Ye-jun said, “The one who has the biggest influence is Beyonce. And I like Son Seung-yeon, who has good power, and Kwon Jin-ah, who sings like he speaks.” Kim Shin-young trembled, saying, “I will organize this as Han·Kim·Jo, B·son·Kwon.”

In the second half of the broadcast, Kim Shin-young said, “All three have released a new song. So I can’t play one song as the end. As such, I will finish the broadcast with a new song hide-and-seek by MUZIE, the host of the next time radio ‘2’o clock’s date’.” The broadcast ended with a new song of.

On the other hand, Lee Ye-Jun wrote the ballad song “Was I Feel Comfortable That Day” in December of last year, Ahn Ye-eun wrote “Proust” on the 9th, HYNN on the 21st, ‘With You Without You’ on the 21st.


Photo| MBC Visible Radio Capture

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