Crying Nut and Hong Won-ki support a rookie girl band Rolling Quartz

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

The support for the ‘super rookie’ Rolling Quartz, which debuted at the end of last year, is hot.

On December 30th, support from industry officials poured into the 5-member girl band Rolling Quartz, which released their debut single ‘Blaze’.

Director Johnny Bros Hong Won-ki, who directed the music video of BTS, including Seo Tae-ji, and Crying Nut, who have established themselves as Korea’s representative rock band, and are actively engaged in their activities, support and love for Rolling Quartz through SNS and Rolling Quartz SNS. Delivered.

Director Hong Won-ki, who directed and produced Rolling Quartz’s debut single ‘Blaze’, said, “After a long time, I fell in love with the powerful hard rock sound and started shooting with a feeling of boiling blood.” “Come on, Rolling Quartz” sent a message of support.

Through their official SNS account, Crying Nut said, “I felt it in a joint performance with Crying Nut, but the live stage is really good. I highly recommend the exciting hard rock team ‘Rolling Quartz’ when you want to get out of the stuffy days of the day.” The band members expressed their affection for the rookie girl band.

Rolling Quartz’s debut single ‘Blaze’ music video has exceeded 100,000 views in 5 days after the release and 300,000 views in 20 days, boasting an explosive firepower. It is attracting attention because it was achieved without a single broadcast appearance.

Rolling Quartz’s debut single ‘Blaze’ is a song like an autobiography of Rolling Quartz, five girls rushing to life with a momentum of revolution as a guarantee of youth. The fast and tight drumbeat, the rough bass breathing with it, and the strong vocals on the roaring guitar leaf are showing off the energy of youth through straights and grooves.

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