Jo Min-ah expressed anger over an online troll who sexually harassed her

[Reporter Han Hyun-jung, Daily Economy Star Today]

Eventually, the anger exploded. Jo Min-ah, a former girl band member of Jewelry, issued a warning to the evil-flicker.

In the early morning of the 26th, Jo Min-ah revealed a message from an online troll. To her, the internet troll said, “The hips were smacked, what chest is D, only the chest is 5kg?”

Jo Min-ah responded to the malicious comments, saying, “I heard your story well, only the psychopath can be seen in the eyes of the psychopath.” Finally, the contents of the malicious comments and the ID were also disclosed.

Earlier, Jo Min-ah has been suing bad guys since 2017 and has been fighting the bad guys for a long time. In March of last year, she also actively responded by revealing the bad comments he received while in a relationship.

<Jo Min-ah’s social network post>

I heard your story well.

In the eyes of a psychopath

They all seem psychotic.

Go to the hospital.

The more I hide and talk to others

Because only you become miserable.

I know I envy you

Because you’re not the one to talk to

In your life

Live with some effort.

#Know yourself before sending a message




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