Where is the popular drama shooting hot place ‘Nijimori Studio’

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

There is a hot place that has recently emerged as a filming spot for movie drama entertainment. It is Nijimori Studio, a theme mark-type drama set located in Tapdong-dong, Dongducheon.

Recently, the last 16 minutes of episode 3 of Netflix K-entertainment ‘You Are the Criminal’ Season 3 was filmed here, and the main scene of last year’s tvN drama ‘The Tale of a Gumiho’ was also taken at Nijimori Studio. This place, which is also famous as a filming location preferred by star YouTubers, is a back door that there are still inquiries about shooting.

The reason why this place, which has not been officially opened yet, is in the spotlight is that these days, when overseas travel is realistically difficult in the COVID-19 era, you can enjoy the nostalgia and culture of those days without going directly to Japan.

Nijimori Studio, which is scheduled to be officially opened from March to April, is an attractive place where you can experience Japanese culture without having to go to Japan, completely recreating a village in the Japanese mourning period. These days, when overseas travel has become realistically difficult in the Corona era, word of mouth is burning as a tourist destination for couples and families.

Above all, it is equipped with a theme park surrounded by a beautiful lake, F&B, various attractions, and a traditional Japanese ryokan. It is also a feature of the Baekje period potters and craftsmen who moved to Japan to recreate our culture and displayed them.

In particular, there is an LP bar that owns about 5,000 LPs, so you can get immersed in faint memories and concentricity together.

Nijimori Studio is a place where the late director Kim Jae-hyung, who is famous for ‘Ladies of the Palace’ and ‘Tears of the Dragon’, reduced the need for a proper Japanese set in Korea, and was planned and created while Kim Hong-do was preparing the work.

According to officials, during his lifetime, director Kim commented, “To go to Japan once, dozens of staff must go and the production cost is high,” and “It would be a good idea to build a domestic filming site and use it as a set and tourist destination.” The Nijimori Studio, which began in this way, was elaborately built on a site of 12,000 pyeong after a long construction period.

“It is a clean area where you can feel the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter and see the stars twinkling like a fairy tale in the night sky. There are tatami rooms, antique cafes, and Japanese restaurants, so you can experience, sightseeing, stay and heal in one stop. It is very popular as a tourist resort type condominium drama set that can heal your body and mind from the COVID-19 era.”


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