‘You Can Talk to Sister’ Jeon Su-min confessed, “I held my husband’s hand first”

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Model Jeon Soo-min confesses everything from her love story with her husband, Kim Kyung-jin to the troubles of her marriage.

In the SBS Plus entertainment program ‘You Can Talk to Sister’, which airs on the 26th, model Jeon Su-min visits her sisters.

In a recent recording, Jeon Su-min, who is newlywed for eight months, confessed, “When I met my husband the second time, I held his hands first.”

When asked, “What kind of charm were you attracted to Kim Kyung-jin?”, she expressed her affection for Kim Kyung-jin, saying, “My husband sent me videos of studying Chinese or playing the piano every day, and having a healthy hobby was attractive.”

Jeon Su-min, who made such a confession, surprised her sisters by expressing anxiety, saying, “After getting married, my husband prioritize his hobby. So, I think I’m not a special person to him.” Eventually, the older sisters summoned Kim Kyung-jin and said, “Why do you make your beautiful wife lonely?” It is said that Kim Kyung-jin was sweating in front of her sisters.

Kim Kyung-jin’s hobby that made Jeon Su-min lonely after 8 months of marriage can be found in ‘You Can Talk to Sister,’ which airs at 9 pm on the 26th.


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