‘Cheat on Me, If you Can’ Jo Yeo-jung,’Desperate Yeoju’ under the steel shelf in the basement

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

The scene of a crisis where Jo Yeo-jung fell in the basement was captured. The appearance of Go Jun with his ears in front of the basement door and Song Ok-suk heading to the basement with a black bag amplifies curiosity about what happened in front of the three people standing in the center of doubt.

KBS2’s Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘Cheat on Me, If you Can’ (screenplay Lee Sung-min, director Kim Hyung-seok, Kim Min-tae, production A story) side revealed a crisis still of Kang Yeo-ju (played by Jo Yeo-jung) who fell in the basement on the 27th.

In the published photos, the image of Yeo-ju being laid under the iron shelf in the basement is captured, and the image of Yeo-ju, who could not hide the embarrassment between the books and various items spilled out of the shelf, attracts attention. Yeo-ju, who received the help of assistant Cha Soo-ho (played by Kim Young-dae) in the moment of crisis when the shelf fell in the 13th episode. It raises the curiosity about what the story she lays under the shelf is.

Following this, Han Woo-sung (played by Go Jun), who is putting his ears close at the basement door, was also captured. It seems as if you are overhearing what is happening in the basement. The reason why Woo-sung, who does not usually go to the basement, has become so interested in the basement of Yeo-ju is attracting attention.

On the other hand, a housekeeper Yeom Jin-ok (played by Song Ok-suk, hereafter Ajumma), who is holding a black bag and descending the basement stairs, has also been revealed. In the ending of the 14th episode, the fact that the ajumma hid the tools for the murder of ‘Baek Soo-jeong (played by Hong Soo-hyun)’ on the terrace of Yeo-ju was shocked. Ajumma’s suspicious behaviors that have been shown so far are stimulating viewers’ curiosity.

Yeo-ju, Woo-seong, and Ajumma became at the center of suspicion toward each other as the unexpected ‘Baek Soo-jeong murder’ and Woo-sung and Soo-jeong’s infidelity intertwined. It raises expectations for what the three will show in the future.

‘Cheat on Me, If you Can’ official said “Unpredictable situations arise in front of Kang Yeo-ju, Han Woo-sung, and Yeom Jin-ok, who are like one family.”

It is a comical mystery thriller between the wife of a crime novelist who only thinks about how to kill a person, saying ‘Cheat on Me, If you Can’ and a husband who specializes in divorce, who wrote a memorandum of ‘Cheat on Me, If you Can’. Online broadcast film platform Wavve participated in the investment, and at the same time as the main broadcast, VOD will be provided exclusively online.


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