Hyun-young plays the cello in the living room of City View…’full of sophistication’

[Intern reporter Kim Yeji on Daily Economy Star Today]

Broadcaster Hyun-young performed a cello in the living room of a luxury house.

On the 27th, on the 27th, on her Instagram, Hyun-young wrote, “#Hyunyoung #parenting #lifestyle #living #cello going to school after a long time~ Could the morning time be so quiet? Playing one musical instrument this year. In practice.”

In the released photo, Hyun-young is practicing cello in the living room of the house with a view of the city. Hyun-young, with her hair raised and tied, boasts the same beauty in her 20s even in her mid 40s. Her playing musical instruments in a stylish house is like a scene in a movie.

Netizens responded, “You are really versatile”, “Your house is so stylish and luxurious”, and “How thin you are.”

Meanwhile, Hyun-young married a financial worker in 2012 and has one boy and one daughter. She will appear as a special MC of Channel A, SKY entertainment program ‘Troublesome Couple Who Wants to recover relationship’, which will be broadcast on February 1st.


Photo| Hyunyoung SNS

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