Kang Gyeong-heon “Supporting a child in El Salvador for 9 Years” Warm Confession (‘Flaming Youth’)

[Intern reporter Shin Hyo-won, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Flaming Youth’ Kang Kyung-heon confessed that she has been backing a child for 9 years.

In the SBS entertainment program ‘Flaming Youth’, which aired on the 26th, a new friend Choi Je-woo (Choi Chang-min) joined in, and a bingo game with a morning turn and sunrise was held.

On this day, the youth started filling the bingo box with the theme of ‘the country I want to go on a honeymoon’. The game started, and Koo Bon-seung said he wants to go to Brunei.

“I’ve been to Borneo Island, and it’s a place with good welfare and good national income,” he said. “Brunei is not a famous tourism spot, but the natural scenery is beautiful.” When Ahn Hye-kyung, who was listening to this, said, “I want to go,” Kim Gwang-gyu glanced and laughed, saying, “Go together.”

Since then, with various countries such as Turkey and Mexico coming out, Kang Kyung-heon drew attention by speaking of El Salvador. El Salvador, 18 hours away from Seoul, is a place that is difficult to think of as a honeymoon destination due to the repeated political civil war for a long period of time.

Choi Seong-guk wondered, “Who is going on a honeymoon to El Salvador”, and Kang Kyung-heon conceded, “Honestly, this is not the place I want to go.”

At this time, Kang Kyung-heon confessed, “The child I have been sponsoring for a long time is growing there. I want to meet the child together when I get married.”

When asked “Where is the continent?” Kang Kyung-heon replied, “It is on the Cuban side.” Choi Min-yong said, “You must stopover some other places to go to El Salvador,” and Kim Gwang-gyu cheered, saying, “If we do well, we can win.”

Meanwhile, ‘Flaming Youth’ is broadcast every Tuesday at 10:20 pm.


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