Lee Seong-mi “If we started #ME_TOO movement, the men who died also have to be punished” (‘Hogeul sister’)

[Intern reporter Shin Hyo-won, Daily Economy Star Today]

Comedian Lee Seong-mi, recalling her past activities as a comedian, complained that she was not treated as a woman.

On the 26th, Lee Gyeong-sil’s YouTube channel ‘Hogeul sister’, Lee Gyeong-sil, Park Na-rae, Jang Do-yeon, Lee Jong-seok?? We helped their succeess ㅣ A video titled “Lee Seong-mi, ‘If we started #ME_TOO movement, the men who died also have to be punished'”ㅣHyung-gon planted her head because of the appearance.

In the video, Lee Gyeong-sil asked Lee Seong-mi, “You didn’t have a fellow female comedian at the time of the activity, but were there any advantages or disadvantages?”

Lee Seong-mi replied, “They just didn’t treat them as women.”

She said, “Choi Yang-Rak debuted as my junior, and juniors under women came in. They are busy as they are, so I don’t think I have been treated as a woman.” Lee Gyeong-sil also shared, “It seems that comedians were treated like that among comedians.”

Lee Seong-mi frankly said, “I didn’t do that. When the Me_Too incident happened in the comedian’s community, the dead guy also have to be harshly punished.”

Meanwhile, the Me Too movement is a campaign to inform the social network service (SNS) of the victims of sexual crimes and to inform the seriousness of the crime. It started with the proposal of actress Alisa Milano in October 2017 and spread to the world.


PhotoㅣScreen capture of YouTube ‘Hogeul Sister Lee Gyeong-sil’

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