Lee Si-young’s unrivaled force, female warrior x goddess become all

[Reporter Han Hyun-jung, Daily Economy Star Today]

All-round actress Lee Si-young has transformed into a fascinating ‘Power Woman’.

On the 27th, the magazine Vogue Korea released a pictorial of Lee Si-young. This pictorial concept was conducted as ‘Power Woman’. Starting with an irreplaceable action actress who fights with monsters, the former national boxer, 6.6 million subscribers, tic talker, and mountaineering YouTuber have been recognized for their persistence and efforts through various activities, and Lee Si-young became a wannabe star.

Lee Si-young lifted the car bonnet with both arms in the form of a goddess, and overwhelmed the gaze with chic expressions and eyes among the broken cars. By filling the pictorial cuts using large tires and disassembled vehicle engines with her own atmosphere, The admiration of ‘Lee Si-young’ was created. In particular, it is said that she received applause from the on-site staff for her professional appearance, working hard for the perfection of the pictorial while lifting a heavy vehicle body at the site.

In an interview conducted with the pictorial, Lee Si-young said about ‘Sweet Home’, “I felt like I met the role I really want to play, so I definitely wanted to do it well. It was my first time working with director Lee Eung-bok, so I didn’t want to disappoint. I wanted to show you all great action. I wanted to make a body that was justifiable to fight monsters and win.”

When asked about life’s motto, she said “Let’s do it once.” She added “My teacher always said, ‘Do it, or not.’ That’s what I gained when I started living my life. There are many.” Regarding the past times I have been exercising, she said, “It has made a lot of good changes to me mentally as well as my health. Like a bonus, I have a character that I don’t have as an actor. With that power, I think I can continue to this day and in the future.”

Meanwhile, Lee Si-young will return as the MC of KBS JOY ‘Celeb Beauty 3’in February.


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